Experience of “Custom Furniture Design”

Actually, “Custom Furniture Design”, a profession whose success or failure depends on details, has heard such a sentence before: “I don’t know the structure, how to design”. Since I entered the industry, I have never understood CAD to apply CAD, and I have never understood the structure to understand it relatively. I have experienced a bit of accumulation and experience in the installation site. Of course, a good furniture designer should not only understand the structure, but also know how to design a more perfect scheme in combination with the field.

Experience of "Custom Furniture Design"
Experience of “Custom Furniture Design”

1) a good platform will make you better understand the “connotation” of furniture; Wardrobe category: It seems simple, but relatively it needs the most experience, and it is the most difficult to achieve the perfect solution. The solutions of cabinet units are different according to different customer needs. In the face of fierce competition in the market, how to attract customers in the scheme will make the layout of each layer board and functional parts of the wardrobe, and whether the layout of each cabinet unit is suitable for the current customers is particularly important.
Decorative cabinets: Most designers’ initial plans are difficult to meet customers’ requirements. The reason is that customers have more “ideas”. Because of their special position, most customers will focus on them and learn about them through various channels. To put it simply, for the first time, listen to the customer’s favorite models here, communicate more and give some suggestions on the spot.

Cabinets: For designers, cabinets will appear more complex, with variability and invariance, which can be usually divided into two categories. One is to give customers a beautiful and practical solution without too much consideration of hydropower and socket position before doing hydropower. Compared with the next category, we can only say so easy! The other is relatively more complicated, and the customer has done it well on site, so it is necessary to strictly refer to the field site, water and electricity position and switch position. Considering the practicality in the scheme, it cannot be called a good scheme, and the beauty is also very important. In case of conflict between beauty and practicality, it is recommended to give priority to practicality.

2) Furniture measuring scale, because the small loses the big:
As many size problems will be reflected during installation, this is also the final affirmation of the design by customers.
Wardrobe category: (1) Experienced designers will reduce the size of some cabinets that are too wide when measuring the ruler. Because there will be a certain gap between the cabinet units, the cabinets will exceed the predetermined size. ⑵ Considering the field space and combining with the site, make a corresponding scheme. The wardrobe mainly pays attention to the customer’s use space, whether the wardrobe meets the site, and whether the actual use effect will be affected by the site.

Cabinets: Generally, there will be at least 3 size drawings on cabinet measuring scale, including: top view of wall, elevation view of side A, elevation view of side B, etc. … The influence of wall size, basic electrical appliance placement, electrical appliance size, sewer pipe position, switch position, window height at basin, gas pipe position, gas meter thickness and ceiling height on cabinets should be included.

Wooden doors: wooden doors mainly include wall dimensions including width, height and thickness. Because wooden doors include door cover lines, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the wall is different, which will affect the door cover lines to a certain extent, thus affecting the appearance of wooden doors. For some treatment methods without wall piles on one side and wall piles on both sides, some different door types: opening doors, folding doors and shuttle doors need to be understood accordingly.

Colleagues who have been engaged in this industry and colleagues who have just entered the industry, furniture design, more need time accumulation, how to be a good furniture designer, more need to make reasonable arrangements for their work, have better communication skills, and deal with some furniture problems. “Failure is the mother of success” is particularly obvious in this industry, and you can’t become a qualified designer for fear of mistakes. I put myself into this group based on the principle of “love one line and love one line” and “don’t hit the south wall and don’t look back”. Since I entered the industry, there have been some problems, such as wrong size and wrong style, and the practicality can’t be used due to the influence of the scene … Many problems, I thought about retreating and giving up, but I have to firmly believe that I can do better next time. When furniture grows after design-ordering-installation, and achieves customer satisfaction, it is the best for us.


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