Our Background

Our background

GuangDong NanFang Color Plate Making Co., Ltd was established since early1993. Its economic nature is sino-foreign joint venture. In recent years, through the investment of enterprise restructuring, additional purchase of equipment and cooperation with joint ownershio enterprises, it has become a professional design and manufacturing enterprise of decorative material gravure printing cylinder in China, with brand recognition and market share in the industry. The company has international leading professional equipment and a large number of experienced professional and technical personnel, with specialized design and R & D departments to continuously provide high-quality creative works, so that customers can select excellent works and successfully transform them into products that can bring value to customers, and improve the competitiveness and leadership of design products in continuous cooperation and exchanges with world leading customers and peers power. The company takes the design and manufacturing of wood grain and stone grain plate roller as the leading role. After printing and post-processing, it can be widely used in the surface decoration of furniture, laminate floor, kitchenware, door and window speakers, leather, wallpaper, non-woven fabric and other products. The company can also use advanced digital technology to carry out high simulation replication of cultural and art products. The company focuses on innovation and quality, is committed to exploring the global market, with a positive and pragmatic attitude to provide customers with quality services, create value, and seek common development in the cooperation and exchange with customers.


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