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GuangDong NanFang Color Plate Making Co., Ltd
GuangDong NanFang Color Plate Making Co., Ltd
GuangDong NanFang Color Plate Making Co., Ltd
  • GuangDong NanFang Color Plate Making Co., Ltd passed recently completed external audits for ISO certification

    GuangDong NanFang Color Plate Making Co., Ltd passed recently completed external audits for ISO certification

    In December 2021, with the great attention and strong support of the company’s managerial personnel. After many days of review by experts, GuangDong NanFang passed the iso9001:2015 quality management system certification, QingYuan facilities passed the iso9001:2015 quality management system and iso14001:2015 environmental management system certification, and officially issued the certificate in January. At the end of 2014, in order to further enhance the company’s product quality and environmental assurance ability, improve quality and environmental awareness of all employees, enhance customer satisfaction, market competitiveness, GuangDong NanFang introduce ISO9001 standard, follow the supervision and audit of the certification authority every year. After its establishment, GuangDong NanFang QingYuan facilities followed and implemented the quality and environmental management system from head office. Under the strict audit system, QingYuan falicilites managed and produced according to the quality standard, procedure documents and operation standards, ensured the long-term and effective implementation of the management system, and finally passed the certification by the national authority. Both GuangDong NanFang headquarters and…

    Enterprise Information January 24, 2022
  • GuangDong NanFang Industrial Chain Visiting Tour

    GuangDong NanFang Industrial Chain Visiting Tour

    In order to enhance industrial chain collabration and acquire comprehensive knowledge of employees, GuangDong NanFang organized a team of members to visit and study in Lin An, the capital of decorative material in China, on October 17. ZheJiang Dilong New Materials Co., Ltd was the first enterprise we visited. President of R & D department Mr. Lin Kai led us to visit their new exhibition hall and workshop production line which full of artistic and scientific sense. Both parties had a frank and in-depth exchange and discusion regarding upcoming trend and cooperation plan in near future. In afternoon, we visited HangZhou HuaWang Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Here, to experience the world’s most advanced automatic production line of decorative base paper. The presendant Ms. Ge Li Fang introduced us to the papermaking process and quality monitoring process. The next stop is HangZhou ZhongRun HuaYuan Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. Chairman assistant Ms. Lv Yan, explained us the printing and dipping process of decor paper in detail, so that…

    Enterprise Information December 4, 2021
  • GuangDong NanFang new series campaign at GuangZhou CBD Fair

    GuangDong NanFang new series campaign at GuangZhou CBD Fair

    The long-awaited Guangzhou CBD Fair is about to kick off! Known as the industry wind vane, one of the three major exhibitions in Guangzhou decorative material industry, how can you miss it! GuangDong NanFang has become the off-site punch point that downstream manufacturers must visit. All GuangDong NanFang members are ready to welcome you.   The fair delayed by the epidemic has given us more time to prepare for this fashionable and exquisite feast. Popular polish paint series, classic log timber log series, geometric fabric pattern, artificial wood, high-end and elegant high-definition Decor are waiting for your insight. Digital printing and pressing of 4 feet by 8 feet full size plate and product from cooperation between top class embossing plate design team will offer you a complete product solution, present more intuitive surface effect.   The midsummer of GuangZhou is as enthusiastic as us. We will meet you here to taste the art of design!

  • GuangDong NanFang and KUJIALE reach strategic cooperation

    GuangDong NanFang and KUJIALE reach strategic cooperation

    In November 2020, GuangDong NanFang and KUJIALE reached a strategic cooperation, and officially joined the “digital alliance of kujiale customized industry materials”. Through the efforts of the design team, NanFang’s design categories have officially entered the kujiale platform. It was officially opened to the whole industry in March this year. KUJIALE is a future oriented large home design platform and ecological solution provider, committed to providing one-stop solutions for digital upgrading. The platform takes design as the entrance, links with the ecology of indoor furnishing industry, provides solutions and services for furnishing enterprises in design, marketing, production, management, supply chain and other scenarios, and helps the whole industry realize the vision of “what you see is what you get”. As the first enterprise dedicated in decorative design R&D in China, GuangDong NanFang always pursues the integration of design concept expression and product process application, and the best performance of art and technology, so as to…

Industry Daynamics

  • Experience of “Custom Furniture Design”

    Actually, “Custom Furniture Design”, a profession whose success or failure depends on details, has heard such a sentence before: “I don’t know the structure, how to design”. Since I entered the industry, I have never understood CAD to apply CAD, and I have never understood the structure to understand it relatively. I have experienced a bit of accumulation and experience in the installation site. Of course, a good furniture designer should not only understand the structure, but also know how to design a more perfect scheme in combination with the field. 1) a good platform will make you better understand the “connotation” of furniture; Wardrobe category: It seems simple, but relatively it needs the most experience, and it is the most difficult to achieve the perfect solution. The solutions of cabinet units are different according to different customer needs. In the face of fierce competition in the market, how to…

    Industry Dynamics September 7, 2020
  • Design of cladding material: What is the material of solid wood cladding often mentioned in interior decoration?

    Under normal circumstances, when we do door panel decoration, we often use solid wood to cover the door panel. Some friends may not know “What is the material of solid wood cladding?” Next, I will answer for you! 1. What is the material of solid wood cladding? Covered door panel, with density board as raw material, consists of a core board and four density frames. Among them, the frame is produced by 360-degree coating process. The frame of door panel covered with solid wood is oak wood (which belongs to the same tree as white oak and abounds in northeast China). Its wood structure is dense, extremely hard and easy to dry. Stable performance for a long time, rubber wood is the core of the middle substrate, which is environmentally friendly and durable; Solid wood covers the door panel, with the same material (imported original color film) on both sides….

    Industry Dynamics September 7, 2020
  • What are the specific steps of designing panel furniture (LVT design)?

    What are the specific steps of designing panel furniture (LVT design)? Generally speaking, the specific steps of designing panel furniture are as follows: 1 understand the basic knowledge 1.1 What is the “board” in “panel furniture”? “Board” refers to man-made board. I personally feel that particleboard is common (as shown in Figure 1 below). Particleboard treated by facing (Figure 2 below) and edge sealing (Figure 3 below) can finally become the basic part of layout furniture, namely the so-called “board” 1.2 How to assemble parts (each “board”)?Hardware required, including connectors, slideways, hinges, etc., as follows: (1) connecting piece Connectors are used to connect plates, which are divided into three-in-one connectors (Figure 1) and two-in-one connectors (Figure 2). (2) Slide and hinge It is easy to understand that they are used for drawers and cabinet doors respectively. 1.3 what is the “32mm system”? 32mm is a distance, so what is the…

    Industry Dynamics September 7, 2020
  • What is the “Interior design” plan of the gold medal designer?

    The “Floor design”, we normally call it “Interior design” in the design specialist area. In fact, in our real life, the matching of floors should be determined according to the style of home decoration. When choosing floors, we should fully consider the style of home decoration and choose a floor suitable for our home according to the designer’s suggestion! Blessed are the friends who came to see this article, which can save you tens of thousands of design costs. The floor matching scheme of the gold medal designer has been collected by me. When decorating the ground, we can make reference! Minimalism Due to the popularity of “minimalism” philosophy of life in today’s mass culture, more and more modern urbanites are pursuing the modern minimalist style with the supremacy of function. Under the big pattern of “simplification” of modeling without much practical value, the three-layer solid wood composite floor with single…

    Industry Dynamics September 7, 2020
  • What are the functions of “Panel design” in interior decoration besides beauty?

    Friends, if you want to add more personality to your living room, dining room and even working space? Then, decorative Panel design is a great solution, but sometimes we underestimate the extraordinary ability of Panel design. Of course, the function of these panels is to beautify your walls. Naturally, this does not mean that they are only used for decoration. Sometimes they have other additional functions. They come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, making them ideal for creating focus or theme walls. Recently, Aesthetics Jun sorted out some cases, hoping that these designs could inspire your design and decoration inspiration. The picture above shows the stripe of “Sound Wave”, which is an amazing product designed by Richard Harten. As the name implies, these sound-absorbing boards can be installed on walls or used as partitions. They have an attractive geometric design, and they can be mixed and matched…

    Industry Dynamics September 7, 2020
  • Has the fireproof board (HPL design) become a favorite board for designers?

    The fireproof board, normally, we also call it “HPL design”. In recent years, in the field of interior decoration, fireproof board has become a favorite decoration board for designers, and many people have heard about fireproof board as a decoration material, but their understanding is not profound, so today we will find out why fireproof board can become a popular decoration board. Fire-proof board is a kind of veneer decorative board, whose professional name is facing fire-resistant board. The main function of the board is decorative veneer. The reason why the market is commonly called fireproof board is that it has outstanding flame retardant performance, rather than being really afraid of fire. This is a misunderstanding that many consumers who don’t know much about fireproof board are prone to. High-quality fireproof boards can reach the B1 level of flame retardant. When there is an open flame burning indoors, they will…

    Industry Dynamics September 7, 2020
  • Brief Analysis on Color Correction of Gravure Printing (Part One)

    Processing of color cast of original manuscript At present, there are various color cast in many original drawings. Therefore, the correction of color cast is an important content in the color matching industry, and the following essentials should be mastered: (1) color cast positioning:Firstly, analyze whether the color of the original (including light and disk) is color cast. Typical color cast is mainly manifested in neutral gray and color part of impression. When positioning color cast, first, it depends on eyes; second, it uses suction point value and gray balance value of our company to determine whether color cast. Methods of visual recognition of color cast; (1) see if the black, white and gray in the image are color cast, because people are most impressed, sensitive and easy to identify whether they are color cast, as long as the black, white and gray in the picture are correct. ? Explain…

    Industry Dynamics August 6, 2020
  • Brief Analysis on Color Correction of Gravure Printing (Part Two)

    10. The treatment of facial skin color of characters is the most difficult technology to deal with in the reproduction process, because the skin color is the most sensitive, familiar and eye-catching, and even if the skin color of printed products is slightly discolored or gray, it will produce unpleasant feelings. Therefore, it is the crown of plate-making and printing technology that the plate-making company and the electronic color-matching personnel pursue to handle the facial skin color of the characters well. At present, there are two types of portrait photography manuscripts of gravure packaging products: one is cartoon portrait photos with small format and advertising portrait photos in packaging products; The second category is the half-length photos taken in close range, such as posters and calendars with large format. The processing essentials are as follows:(1) cartoon and advertising portrait photo processing essentials:(1) guiding ideology. A. First, emphasize the overall effect…

    Industry Dynamics August 6, 2020