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    We have our Facebook Page and Facebook Group !You can search “GuangDong NanFang Color Plate Making Co., Ltd” in Facebook, dear :) Here are the screenshot of our Facebook Page and Facebook Group, as the following shows. GuangDong NanFang Color Plate Making Co., Ltd Facebook Page:   https://www.facebook.com/GuangDong-NanFang-Color-Plate-Making-Co-Ltd-109447437556323/?modal=admin_todo_tour   GuangDong NanFang Color Plate Making Co., Ltd Facebook Group:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/1721429561338780/   You can join us by the links , thanks :)  

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  • Our Background

    GuangDong NanFang Color Plate Making Co., Ltd was established since early1993. Its economic nature is sino-foreign joint venture. In recent years, through the investment of enterprise restructuring, additional purchase of equipment and cooperation with joint ownershio enterprises, it has become a professional design and manufacturing enterprise of decorative material gravure printing cylinder in China, with brand recognition and market share in the industry. The company has international leading professional equipment and a large number of experienced professional and technical personnel, with specialized design and R & D departments to continuously provide high-quality creative works, so that customers can select excellent works and successfully transform them into products that can bring value to customers, and improve the competitiveness and leadership of design products in continuous cooperation and exchanges with world leading customers and peers power. The company takes the design and manufacturing of wood grain and stone grain plate roller as…

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  • Our Path

      1993 Company established and aim to dedicate all effort in rotogravure cylinder for decorative material. 1996 Design studio set up, introducing original design concept to local market. 2012 GuangDong NanFang – GuangDong University of Technology postgraduate innovation center set up, introducing new idea into traditional business. 2013 First laser engraving unit installed and began to supply embossing cylinder to market. 2016 Digital printing department set up, and launched the first generation digital printing system. 2018 Mei Yin Cai Na, a GuangDong NanFang sole subsidiary established and launched the second generation industrial grade digital printing system. 2020 GuangDong NanFang manufacturing base in QingYuan went into operation.  

    About Us August 5, 2020