Introduction of technological products in prepress production

In the past, most computer crosscutting of corrugated paper consumption line was only fixed-length crosscutting, and pre-printing consumption was to print the pattern first, so it was necessary to add it on the crosscutting knife. The main control mechanism of the crosscutting control of mounting identification mark is to identify the crosscutting mark on the printed pattern of corrugated board by photoelectric eye, transmit the time when the undercut mark reaches photoelectric eye to the control computer, and then control the cutting time of the crosscutting knife by the control computer, so as to cut the corrugated board accurately at the boundary of the pattern. At present, domestic and foreign transverse cutting machine consumers can easily install this function. The accuracy of crosscutting can be controlled within 1mm.

Introduction of technological products in prepress production
Introduction of technological products in prepress production

Pre-printing production Pre-printing production Computer longitudinal cutting and computer transverse cutting are the same principles.
In order to avoid the printing surface rubbing on the hot plate of corrugated paper consumption line, it is necessary to stop some simple disposal of the hot electrode.
The ink used in preprinted gravure printing is water-based paper gravure printing ink, which is about 30 yuan per kilogram. The cost of the ink is similar to offset printing, and the ink meets the national environmental protection requirements.
The pre-printed printing plate is made of steel aluminized electric intaglio, but the net holes of paper intaglio are carved deeper than those of ordinary plastic intaglio. The cost of plate making is: 0.7 yuan /c㎡ for advanced level version, and 0.35 yuan /c㎡ for ordinary level version and line version.
Pre-printing consumer cartons are still in the ascendant in China. If the machinery manufacturers, ink, paper, printing plate suppliers, and the vast carton manufacturers make joint efforts, they will bring a new choice plan to the high-grade carton consumption in China, and advance the packaging carton level in China to a new level.


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